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Currently has an Insurance Program Designed specifically for Natural Product companies and Nutraceutical Companies.

The program provides Claims Made as well as Occurrence forms,as well as Less Exclusions than traditional policies.
Each policy can be manuscripted to meet your unique company needs.

Our goal is to Broaden Coverage, while reducing the overall bottom line insurance cost 

Before we design a program, we must take into account your current insurance program We analyze your goals and insurance needs. We will create a comparison of coverage available, and then develop a plan that best meets your unique needs.

We can prepare a complete Risk Managment Analysis. As Licenced Insurance Consutlants, we can design specifications for coverage requested and conduct a request for proposals from insurance carriers.

New Product Risk Evaluation
Taking on a HOT new product or going into new markets may generate sales, but it can also lead to lawsuits. Before selling a new product or venturing off into a new country, call us to prepare a
New Product Risk Evaluation. This will help determine if there are any unidentified exposures..

Grocery Store Readiness
We can assist in helping reduce your losses, by identifying any potential hazzards. This can include, shelves that are stacked to high, shakey displays etc. Sometimes a small amount of Loss Prevention, can avoid a major insurance claim.

Employee Benefits

Our firm can provide your company with The Benefit Manager Software. This software will help your human resource manager reduce the time it takes to manage benefits for your employees. A user friendly system that each employee can log on securely and make any changes with out having to contact the HR dept.  

InsuranceSurvival 101
See how it easy it can be to understand. You will be amazed how many choices you will have. You will learn how to look for warning signs of a potential claim, and distinguish between a workers compensation claim and a disability benefits claim.

Monitoring Results
We believe that continual monitoring will help us determine what is effective and what isn't. Since your company is unique, we monitor how your company responds to the current plan, and continually modify as necessary. If you feel that the plan is too difficult or costly to maintain, we will make adjustments as necessary.

Ongoing Support

Once you are a client of ours,we are always available for questions, and support. We make time for you, whether by email, phone, or an in-person consultation. You can always count on us to be right by your side.
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